How old do you have to be to skydive?

You must be 18 years or older and show a valid government issued photo ID. There is no max age!

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, our weight limit is 220 pounds and you must be height-weight proportionate. We can take people slightly over 220 pounds on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee (requires in-person approval by our manager).

It’s important to be physically fit to take part in a skydive. If you have questions regarding the weight limitations, please call us at 804-466-0215

What altitude will I jump from?

We jump from up to 13,500 feet. The free-fall is approximately 60 seconds, and the canopy time is anywhere from 5-7 minutes.

Will I be able to breathe during freefall?

Yes, just relax and breathe normally!

Do you have gift certificates available?

Yes, we absolutely do! Check out our gift card store!

Should I tip my instructor?

If you’ve enjoyed your experience, you are welcome to tip your instructor. Tips are always appreciated but never expected.

Are you open to the public?

Yes, absolutely! We are open to the public, Walk-ins welcome!

What should I wear?

Dress in comfortable clothes and wear closed-toe shoes. If the weather is cold, you should avoid shorts and short-sleeves.

I am jumping with a group of people and we all want photos and video; do we each need to purchase a photo/video package?

Yes. Each person who wishes to have video/photo evidence of their skydive (and honestly, you’ll want to re-live this!) needs to purchase a video package. We can capture ground footage of the group pre-jump (just let us know), but the videographer can only capture one person in the air during the actual skydive.

Can I bring my own POV camera (ex: GoPro)?

The United States Parachute Association has a basic safety recommendation which does not allow any students/jumpers with under 200 jumps to wear POV cameras; you are not permitted to bring a camera/GoPro on your jump.

Can I bring my pet?

While we love pets at Virginia Skydiving Center, please leave yours at home. The only exception is a registered service dog.

How long does it take to skydive?

The process from start to finish can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours so bring a cooler and a camp chair. You are welcome to watch the parachutes being packed as well as the other skydivers landing.

How many people can fit on the plane? Do I jump with my group?

We have a couple of jump planes and which one we use depends on many factors.  If you have reserved as a group, we will do everything in our power so you jump with other members of your group, however, we cannot guarantee it. 

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