Skydiving Pricing

Tandem Pricing

Was $249!

Video and Photos

Was $125!

Group Pricing and Discounts
  • Groups of 5-9 = $15 off
  • Groups of 10+ = $20 off
  • Military and first responders discount is $20 off per ID
  • Students receive $10 off per ID
Pics or It Didn’t Happen – What Do You Get in the Video and Photos Package?
Handcam is where your Tandem Instructor wears a GoPro on their wrist and captures video and photos from that angle throughout the entire process, from a pre-jump ground interview, the plane ride, the exit from the plane, the freefall, the parachute release, the time spent under canopy (floating through the air), and post-interview! That’s a LOT of content!
Same day Tandem!


Want to go again? Purchase a second tandem jump for just $149*

*Valid only on the day of your jump.

Same Day First Jump Course

Did you love it so much that you want to go SOLO? $75*

*Valid only on the day of your jump.

Weight Class Information and Fees
Weight Class Weight Range Fee
Weight Class 1 220lbs-229lbs $20
Weight Class 2 230lbs-239lbs $50
Weight Class 3 240lbs-250lbs $80

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